All About Superdry

History of Superdry/ All about Superdry

Is Superdry Chinese or Japanese?

Superdry is neither Chinese nor Japanese. Although Superdry branding uses Japanese-inspired graphics, the clothing line actually started life in the UK. The founders were inspired by a trip to Tokyo, however.

Who owns Superdry?

In 1985, entrepreneur Julian Dunkerton and his previous business partner, Ian Hibbs, founded the initial incarnation of Superdry: the Cult Clothing store. Theo Karpathios later joined the fold.

Where was Superdry founded?

The first Cult store, which would later become Superdry, opened in Cheltenham, Gloucester.

When was Superdry founded?

Cult opened in 1985, and over the next few years, several other cities followed – mostly university towns. 

However, it wasn’t until 2003, when Dunkerton met James Holder (founder of Bench) that Superdry, as we know it today, was founded. It became a firm favourite at Cult, then in a second store, Format. When Theo Karpathios joined, the company realised there was great potential to expand the brand internationally — and that’s what they went on to do.

The Cult stores were officially rebranded as Superdry in 2012.