Superdry Activities Clothing

Superdry Activities Clothing

Which superdry jackets are waterproof?

Superdry has a range of jackets and coats that are ideal for activewear and protection against wet or cold weather. The iconic Superdry Windcheater is not waterproof but it does offer some protection against light rain and will keep you warm in cold winds. 

Other Superdry jackets, including the Waterproof Jacket, are rain-proof — this means they are water-resistant up to 15k/MM so will keep you dry during moderate rain but not during very heavy downpours. 

Which Superdry jacket is best for snowboarding?

Superdry has a dedicated ski range which is ideal for skiing and snowboarding. The Superdry Ultimate Rescue jacket, for instance, is water-resistant up to 20k/MM and has a detachable snow skirt, making it a good option for snowboarding or skiing.

How much can you get in a superdry backpack?

Need a backpack for your adventures? Superdry bags are available in different sizes, capable of holding varying capacities. Explore the brand’s full range to find a medium or large backpack, depending on what you need to carry.

How many litres can fit in a superdry backpack?

If you’re looking for a medium Superdry backpack, the Real Montana Rucksack can hold approximately 17 litres, while the Mono Tarp Backpack has a capacity of 21 litres. These sizes are ideal for everyday use and can also be handy for hikes and other day trips. 

What can you fit in a Superdry backpack?

You should be able to fit a water bottle, gym gear, and extra jumper in a Superdry 17-litre or 21-litre backpack. Some Superdry backpacks also have water bottle pockets on the side for additional storage.