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All About Superdry Clothing

How to wash your superdry coat?

Wondering how to wash your Superdry coat? Every garment is different so it’s always best to check the label — whether it’s on your coat, jacket, windcheater or t-shirt. The care label will list your Superdry garment’s fabric components and explain exactly how to wash or clean it. For best results, wash your Superdry coat inside out. If you want to know more about superdry clothing and size guides make sure to read our guides.

How to wash your Superdry puffer jacket?

It’s a good idea to wash outerwear — such as a Superdry puffer jacket — inside out and remove the hood or collar if detachable. Some coats and jackets are suitable for machine washing (again, check the label to be sure) but others may need hand-washing. 

How to wash your Superdry jacket?

The same applies to a Superdry Jacket — wash inside out and detach the hood. If your Superdry jacket has a down filling, it’s important to wash it at a low temperature and put your machine on a delicate wash setting. It’s also best to wash activewear or gym jackets on a cool, delicate wash cycle.

Leather jackets and coats require a different level of care. You’ll want to clean your leather jacket with a soft cloth or use a suede brush for suede garments. Polish or brush gently to avoid scratching or damaging the leather. 

Superdry: how to wash your windcheater?

Your Superdry Windcheater jacket is suitable for machine washing on a cool wash: 30℃. Do not dry clean, tumble dry or iron your windcheater.

How to wash your Superdry t-shirt?

When it comes to other Superdry items such as a t-shirt, shirt, or hoodie, try to wash similar colours together and use a low temperature. If your garment has any detailing or embellishment, it can be helpful to turn it inside out before washing — this will protect the design.