Superdry Clothing Fit/ Size Guide 2022

Superdry Clothing Fit/ 2022 Size Guide

What is Superdry sizing like?

Many people find they need different-sized garments when shopping for different brands. If you’re wondering about Superdry sizing, it’s worth noting that some people find that Superdry sizes run slightly smaller than other UK clothing brands

Why are Superdry sizes so small?

Many customers find that Superdry clothing runs small because it tends to have a slim-fit silhouette.

How do Superdry windcheater jackets fit?

Some Superdry windcheaters, such as the women’s Ultimate SD Windcheater Jacket, are designed to fit closer to the body for a more tailored look.

How to know what size of coat to buy from superdry?

For full accuracy, it’s always best to know your measurements. We have a full Superdry size guide you can refer to so you can ensure you get the fit you’re looking for. 

Menswear is generally listed as Small, Medium, Large, etc. although trousers are sized by waist and leg length.

When it comes to women’s clothing, you may find that some Superdry garments are listed as Small, Medium, Large, etc, while others are presented in standard UK sizing (8, 10, 12, etc.). 

How big are superdry large shorts?

A pair of Superdry Large shorts, for example, is the equivalent of a UK 14 — other brands may list 14 as a Medium. If you are unsure of your exact measurements, you could try ordering a size bigger than you might with other brands.

How do superdry coats fit?

As with all coats, the fit depends on what you want to wear your Superdry coat with. A coat will have a tighter fit if you layer it over jumpers or jackets. It’s also a good idea to measure your arms so you can get the correct sleeve fit on your Superdry coat.

What size Superdry jacket should I buy?

If you’re buying a Superdry jacket to wear over a jumper, sweater or hoodie, consider choosing a size larger than you might usually to accommodate the layering.