Superdry Logo

Superdry Logo

Is superdry a luxury brand?

Did you know that, although Superdry is a luxury British fashion brand, it features Japanese-inspired graphics and text? 

What does Superdry stand for?

The name ‘Superdry’ came about after the brand’s founders, Julian Dunkerton and James Holder, took a trip to Tokyo. Whilst in a bar, they noticed that lots of food product packages had the word ‘super’ written on them and were charmed by the term.

It’s also thought that the name was inspired by Asahi Super Dry beer, a popular drink in Japan — perhaps Dunkerton and Holder were enjoying a pint of Asahi when they named Superdry!

What are the characters above superdry?

The Japanese graphics accompanying the logo say ‘kyokudo kansou’ which translates to ‘extremely dry’ or ‘maximum dry.’ The phrase ‘shinasai’ follows in brackets. Shinasai translates as the imperative ‘do’. So, essentially, the logo translates to ‘Do Superdry’. 

What does the Japanese on Superdry mean?

Across the Superdry range, you may notice a variety of other Japanese characters. In an interview, Superdry’s founder said that the characters on the brand’s designs are machine-generated and are for aesthetic purposes, rather than imparting any real meaning.