What is the Superdry Brand?

What is the Superdry Brand?

Superdry is a luxury clothing brand that’s popular all around the world.

Superdry is known for its relaxed, sporty style with an adventurous edge. The brand has a focus on sustainable production and its signature collection features elements of vintage Americana and Japanese-style text and graphics. 

Who owns Superdry clothing?

Julian Dunkerton owns Superdry. He initially co-founded the brand in 1985 with his business partner, Ian Hibbs. Later, Dunkerton met and joined forces with James Holder.

Why is Superdry called superdry?

It was a trip to Japan that inspired Dunkerton and Holder to pen the name ‘Superdry’ as well as those iconic graphics. 

According to the story, Dunkerton and Holder visited a bar in Tokyo to come up with ideas. They realised that Japanese food packaging often used the term ‘super’ — and thus the distinctive name and logo came to life.  

Where is Superdry located?

With its connections to Japan, it’s unsurprising that many people think that Superdry is a Japanese brand. In reality, Superdry’s headquarters remain in the brand’s UK birth town: Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. However, a flagship store opened in London in 2011 and there are now Superdry stores all over the world — from Finland to Malaysia; Colombia to Thailand.

You can also find their products in a range of shops around the globe (and online, of course). If you want to know more about superdry, make sure to read our history guide as well.

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